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Bali Weather – Dry Season (May – September)


The dry season, Bali’s version of summer, is the favoured half of the year for both locals and tourists alike. It occurs between May and September — with August being the driest month. You can enjoy long sunny days (up to 9 hrs of sunshine), lower humidity levels compared to the wet season, and very little rain (duuuh!). Average year-round temperature stands at around 26-29°C.

Bali Weather – Dry Season: Peak Time

Because of it, the dry season is an extremely popular time for people to explore Bali. The peak happens throughout July and August as it coincides with the Australian winter and the school holiday season. That also means: peak prices.

Our tip: If you want to catch off-peak prices, we recommend going in September… or in February (during the wet season).

Nonetheless, it’s the perfect time to enjoy stuff like candlelight dinners on the beach. Just make sure you bring something to cover yourself as…

Bali Weather – Dry Season: Must-Know

It can get quite cold during the evenings (yes, for real!). We recommend to pack at least one jacket or a jumper, and a pair of socks. You’ll be happy you did, especially if you’re staying on higher ground or in the mountain areas.

Another thing to remember — the days are long, the skies are cloudless, and the sun-rays are unforgiving, making it is very easy to get burnt. If you’re spending lots of time outdoors, be sure to bring a hat and apply sunscreen.


Bali Weather – Dry Season: Outdoor Sports

Because this season is perfect for sports, many tourists try parasailing, scuba diving or jet skiing. Yet the most popular activity of all is… (you’ve guessed it) surfing. We recommend to get a wet-suit, especially if you intend to surf between the months of June and October when the water temperature is at its coolest. Coral reef footwear might also be helpful as many of Bali’s beaches break on sharp live coral reefs that can cut your bare feet.

If you want to get info about the wet season — keep reading HERE.

And if you want to synchronize your trip with cool Bali Festivals, have a look HERE.

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