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Best Private Islands Resorts in Indonesia


As a destination management and travel design company, we spend a lot of time on research. We need to always know the newest resorts, the most beautiful beaches, the best trekking routes and many more, as we are the travel experts in Indonesia. Especially for you, in today’s post, we’ve listed best private islands resorts in Indonesia. Make sure to scroll down and check them all!

Best Private Islands Resorts in Indonesia

Not without a reason, Indonesia is called by many a thousand islands country. It lays in south-east of Asia and covers almost all islands of Malay Archipelago – around 17, 5 thousands and 6 thousands is believed to be uninhabited. Beside main islands as Sumatra, Jawa, Borneo (Kalimantan), Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok; country has to offer many smaller island archipelagos, which delight with crystal clear, turquoise waters; white sand beaches, variety of exotic flora and fauna – and most of all peace, privacy and luxury. Just for you, we have chosen best private islands resorts in Indonesia. Be almost like a Robinson Crusoe, with a main exception – stay in the luxury and Private Island Resorts.

Riau Archipelago – Best Private Islands Resorts in Indonesia



Pulau Joyo is your classic Robinson Crusoe Island, surrounded by white sand beaches and clear blue sea. Within easy reach of Singapore, it is equipped with every luxury, and superb food and wine. Pulau Joyo is the ultimate in barefoot sophistication! This island treasure, located in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, is blessed with pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Easily accessible from Singapore and Bintan, Joyo offers an ideal beach getaway with comprehensive traditional healthy massage, fabulous food and much more—all of which complement the island’s romantic location.

Pulau Joyo has total 6 palaces and 2 small balé houses. Four huge Driftwood Palaces capture the very essence of luxurious castaway fantasy. They are constructed completely from driftwood salvaged from the sea and are perfectly suited to catch the island breezes. Each Palace has one King sized bed, an ensuite shower and bathroom and a Balinese day-bed (double) which can be used for children or additional guests. Java Palaces; Java Rembang and Java Juwana are traditional Java joglos which have been dismantled and re-assembled on the island. They are beautifully furnished in the Javanese style with an ensuite bathroom and shower and open straight onto your private beach. There are also 2 small balé houses by the pool can be used for extra kids, couples or singles which have mosquito nets and fans. There is bathroom by the each bale house.

Half board meals included.


Private island Telunas Resort draws upon 10 years of service and guest feedback to create an experience uniquely tailored to couples and young families. The Telunas concept is about escaping city blur for a remote island holiday as it was intended to be. Leave stress behind and enjoy the simple pleasures of loved ones, fresh meals, adventurous old-fashioned activities, and pure relaxation in a beautiful natural island setting.

You’ll find yourself in a natural island paradise accented with resort comforts. The island resort offers 15 well-appointed sea villas with spectacular wide-angle views of azure sea and the rugged terrain of Sugi Island, relaxation and fun at the infinity pool, massage services on your veranda, a variety of sea and land activities, and limited choice blackboard menus presented by the executive chef.

Full board meals included.



Pulau Pangkil Kecil is a delightful little island in Indonesia located close to Singapore. ‘Pulau’ means ‘island’ and ‘Kecil’ means ‘small’ in Indonesian. When you hire Pangkil you get everything: all the driftwood palaces (luxury accommodation), the bar, the sound system, the pool, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, speedboats, kitchen, and more than twenty staff to provide you with excellent service. Imagine “Survivor with maids and butlers”.

Guests accommodation are Driftwood Palaces constructed using logs salvaged from the sea and the surrounding islands. There are nine Palaces, none of them are more than five paces from the beach. The Palaces are all elevated from the ground and are openly constructed to take advantage of the tropical breezes and stunning views. They are sufficiently far apart and cleverly designed to ensure complete privacy. They all feature at least one, large four-poster bed. The four-posters have a small fan and reading lamps inside, enclosed within a mosquito netting for maximum convenience. They have roof-mounted fans and they all have their own adjacent bathrooms.

Full board meals included.

Karimun Jawa Archipelago – Best Private Islands Resorts in Indonesia



Located in the midst of Karimunjawa Archipelago and offering one of the largest lagoons of the area, Menjawakan is a very green, private tropical island 22 hectars large, of extroardinary beauty which is exclusively occupied by Kura Kura Resort. Situated between Java and Borneo, and still unknown to mass tourism, Karimunjawa Archipelago is a National Marine Park composed of 27 islands which still offers the feeling of a natural and remote beauty. The exceptional location of Kura Kura Island places our guests in the midst of the Archipelago, giving them the opportunity to visit and enjoy the rare beauty of the surrounding islands with their pristine white, unspoiled beaches fringed with palm trees, and the amazing colours of the sea while staying in rare comfort.

Kura Kura Resort offers now 20 spacious and luxurious Pool Villas (320 sq mt) including 2 family Pool Villas (600 sq mt) settled among the beautiful Royal palm trees, and 15 Cottages. Cottages are divided in Deluxe and Superior, all of them renovated with a blend of Asian/contemporary taste, and offering a gorgeous view over the beautiful lagoon. Kura Kura Resort remains open from Apr 01st until Nov 30 in Summer 2016: from May 1st until Oct 31st and resort provide regularly scheduled flights and speed boat transfers, during the month of April and November the Resort can only be reached by public ferries.

Half board meals included.

Moyo Island, Northern Sumbawa – Best Private Islands Resorts in Indonesia



The wilderness hideaway of Amanwana sits on Moyo Island, an unspoilt nature and marine reserve to the east of Bali. The only resort on the island, it is a private paradise surrounded by the turquoise waters and pristine reefs of the Flores Sea. Approached by private plane, Moyo Island encompasses savannahs as well as tropical jungles. Deer, wild boar and macaque monkeys populate the land; the protected seas are home to unspoilt reefs and schools of vibrant tropical fish.

Tucked beneath a tropical canopy, Amanwana’s tented abodes overlook lush jungles and sandy beaches. With air conditioning and hardwood floors, each tent combines supreme comfort with the spirit of a wildlife adventure. Whether a jungle trek to waterfalls or scuba diving, Amanwana’s adventures make the most of the island’s unspoilt natural surrounds. Step aboard one of the resort’s cruise vessels to visit the nearby Komodo and Raja Ampat islands.

Full board meals included.

Raja Ampat, West Papua – Best Private Islands Resorts in Indonesia



Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive dive resort and conservation centre located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This private resort island is nestled deep in an archipelago of uninhabited islands, in the very epicentre of marine biodiversity. The island and scuba diving sites are surrounded by our 1220 sq km (465 sq mi/300,000 acre) Marine Protected Area, and inside the 46,000 sq km Raja Ampat Shark and Manta Sanctuary which Misool Eco Resort helped to create. Resort is located 165 km (105 miles) from the nearest port, and the nearest village is 20 km away by boat.

Resort’s island, Batbitim, is a true tropical hideaway, just south of the equator and fringed with powder-white beaches and pristine coral reefs. With a maximum capacity of just 40 guests and a staff-to-guest ratio of 3 to 1, we offer exclusive diving holidays, surrounded by the world’s richest reefs.Misool Eco Resort was built entirely of reclaimed tropical hardwoods, milled on site with our own portable sawmill. Accommodations have been meticulously designed for comfort, privacy, and sustainability. All of them feature Balinese-style open air bathrooms, air-conditioning, fresh hot and cold showers, mini-bars, in-room safes, and handcrafted furniture and fittings. Eight rustically luxurious Water Cottages are located in the North Lagoon, just steps from the Dive Centre and restaurant. The Water Cottages are built on stilts over the water. For lazy afternoons with a good book, there is a hammock built right into the veranda. The view from your veranda is framed by a traditional grass roof, offering a high degree of privacy as well as shade. Stairs lead down from your veranda to the North Lagoon, and the House Reef is just a few fin kicks away.

Full board meals included.


Max Ammer, the founder of Papua Diving, first came to the region over 21 year ago following his passion to search for submerged World War II aircraft. After spending so much time in Raja Ampat Max fell in love with the Papuan people and started a number of initiatives to support the local Papuan communities. Papua Diving was one of the projects. Its mission: to bring much needed money to the local people by enabling divers who had never heard of the region to be amazed by the wonders of the unspoiled aquatic world here.

Kri Eco Resort is fundamentally down-to-earth deeply rooted in its local settings, Kri Island is an integral part of Kri Eco. It is around and within it – whether in the form of materials in the cottages, resources in the kitchen or brightening your day with an original Papuan smile that stays with you years after. The resort is made of locally sourced and low-impact materials; shaped and equipped to sustain the excesses of natural forces typical of the coastal area and tropical climate; styled very much in accordance with the local tradition of architecture. The setting allows incredible views of sunrise and sunset and gentle breezes in the evening.
A total of 13 rooms in 3 categories boast of their no-frills minimal design which facilitates one’s appreciation of nature. The use of local Papuan materials lends a truly special charm. Free Wi-fi access is available and all cottages are equipped with electric fans for those still nights when a breeze is not strong enough. Stay a week or longer and find comfort in the unique architectural design.

Sorido Bay Resort is a real home far away from home and one of Indonesia’s most remote and comfortable dive resorts
Deeply rooted in its local settings, Kri Island is an integral part of Sorido Bay. It is around and within it – whether in the form of materials in the bungalows, resources in the kitchen or brightening your day with an original Papuan smile that stays with you years after. Sorido Bay Resort counts a total of 7 spacious bungalows in a private setting with excellent service and modern amenities in closest proximity to Raja Ampat’s Dive Hot spots and the richest reef in the World. All rooms are air conditioned with free Wi-Fi internet and a comprehensive range of international sockets to complete the technology menu.

The resort offers a selected and personalized service and is – without any compromise on comfort – nestled in the lush green jungle overlooking a kidney-shaped lagoon, meters away from the world’s most famous dive site ‘Cape Kri’: it is here where Dr. G. Allen recorded the world record of 374 different species of reef fish during 1 dive, making this the richest dive site in the world.

Full board meals included.

We hope, that presented above best private islands resorts in Indonesia, inspired you to travel to Indonesia and very soon, you will contact us for the details of your chosen offer. We are waiting for your email!

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