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Best Yachts In Indonesia


Can you imagine a better way of exploring a country compromising over seventeen thousand island than sailing across it on board of the private yacht? Most of Indonesian Archipelago islands, especially in such isolated regions as Alor, Maluku, Raja Ampat or Papua, cannot be reached in any other way than with a private vessel. There are neither roads, airports nor regular ferry connections which could open those fascinating destinations to regular tourism. Wild Indonesia’s best treasures: deserted islands, fabulous beaches, secluded villages whose dwellers rarely see a white man, the best diving sites, paradise for anglers and for people passionate about wildlife watching – all are accessible but only for those who decide to set out on a sea voyage around Indonesia. Such cruises are a mixture of exclusive luxury (some charter vessels resemble floating five-star hotels) and an authentic adventure in full on Jacques Cousteau style. Experienced captains and crew, professional equipment and elite cruise directors and expert guides, take their guests to all those places that ordinary tourists would never reach.


FAR HORIZON has been organizing exclusive cruises across Indonesia since the beginning of its foundation. We’ve been working with owners and operators of most of vessels avail-able in Indonesia. As experts on the most remote corners of Indonesian archipelago we are often invited by the owners of the most luxurious yachts to create unique itineraries for its passengers. Our sea voyages include: diving safaris focused on the best, world class diving sites in Indonesia and leisure-explore cruises for non-divers. Either choice is undoubtedly the best way of traveling around Indonesia. Contact our expert team and let us find the yacht and the route most suitable for your needs!

Discover Best Yachts in Indonesia

Alexa – Best Yachts in Indonesia


„Alexa” it’s a true beauty designed and built especially for couples and newlyweds.Equipped only with one cabin with private deck and balcony, biblioteque, salon and dining room with bar. „Alexa” offers truly luxury comfort and privacy during ideal honeymoon or romantic getaway. During all day, five pax crew is at the beck and call and takes care for convenience, comfort and safety of the cruise.

  • Build in: 2013
  • Length: 31 m
  • Maximum capacity: 2 (10 for one day trips)

Katharina – Best Yachts in Indonesia


„Katharina” is a beautiful, classical schooner, build with best quality wood and accessed for deep-see exploration expeditions.Built in 1995, after few renovations, today can accommodated maximum 14 pax in 7 air conditioned cabins with private bathrooms. „Katharina” is an amazing yacht with average charter price. We recommend especially for groups interested with local culture and meetings with regional inhabitants, rather than scuba diving.

  • Build in:1995
  • Length: 40 m
  • Maximum capacity:14

Lamima – Best Yachts in Indonesia


Built in 2014 with cost more than 15 millions USD, Lamima is a truly, 5star „hotel on the water”. It’s probably the most exclusive yacht, available for private charters in Indonesia. Interiors are finished with teak wood. Cabins are spacious and designed  with best possible standard. Fine dining chef is waiting for quests orders and best vines are being served while eating. Satelite wi-fi, unlimited possibility of using diving equipment, jet ski and other water sports are only few attractions, that await on board. Standard of „Lamima” will satisfy even the most demanding passengers and professional and experienced crew will assure, that cruise on this yacht will be one of the moments, that are truly impossible to forget.

  • Build in: 2014
  • Length: 65,2 m
  • Maximum capacity:14

Mutiara Laut – Best Yachts in Indonesia


„Mutiara Laut”, translated from Indonesian to English as „Pearl of the ocean”, indeed is a true pearl of private yachts in Indonesia. Three spacious decks, seven luxurious cabins, stylish interiors and the world class service, makes that „Mutiara Laut” since many years belong to best yachts in Indonesia. Crew of the cruise is the most experienced in the country and helps with designing the best tailored expedition itineraries and unique travel safety.

  • Build in: 2010
  • Length: 45 m
  • Maximum capacity: 14

Zen – Best Yachts in Indonesia


Build by legend of polish shoonering – Zygmunt Choreń and finished by world class designers, „Zen” provides the highest class standards among private yachts in Indonesia. Elegant line, luxurious cabins and interiors and profesional diving equipment makes „Zen” a perfect choice for those who require true comfort, safety and joy of sailing.

  • Build in:2012
  • Length:53 m
  • Maximum capacity:14

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