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Facts about Indonesia | Indonesia did you know?

Facts about Indonesia - Indonesia's wonders - Indonesia did you know?

Indonesia is an extraordinary and very interesting country. Especially for you, in this blog post we’ve prepared the most interesting curiosities and facts about Indonesia. Ready to start? Here we go!

Most Interesting Curiosities and Facts about Indonesia – Did you know?

  1. Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. Its territory contains 17508 islands of which more than 6000 is inhabited.
  2. Territory of Indonesia contains second and third biggest islands in the world. They are: New Guinea and Borneo.
  3. Indonesia has fourth bigger population in the world – it’s habited by approximately 240 million people. More than a half (160 million) lives on one island – Java, what makes it the most populated in the world. The population density in Java is 1026 people per square km.
  4. Indonesia is habited by more than 300 different ethnic groups which speak around 742 languages and dialects. That’s why in the national emblem you can find inscription: “Unity in diversity”.
  5. Indonesia is located in “Ring of Fire”, which means that it lays in the area ofthe junction of twotectonic plates and makes all region very tectonic and volcanic actively. Country has at least 150 still active volcanos.
  6. Tambora volcano eruption on 10 April 1815 was the biggest and most dramatic eruption registered by a human. Columnoutbreakhas reached44 kmaltitude and volcanic ashwasscatteredwithin a radius of1300 km, claimed the lives ofhundredsof thousands of people-not only directlyas a result ofthe explosion, but also as a result ofstarvation andpoisoningcaused byan explosion.Volcanicdustremainedin the airfor monthsandaffected theweatherandcollectionsaround the world. In Europe1816went down in historyas the “year without a summer.”
  7. The highest peak of Indonesia – Puncak Jaya, known also as Carstenszpyramid is the lowest peak of seven highest Summits of all continents.
  8. It is suspected that the Indonesian New Guinea part until now is habited by isolated tribes which still didn’t communicate with external world.
  9. Indonesia is home to thousands of different flora and fauna, making it the country with the second highest level of biodiversity in the world (Brazil is #1)
  10. Although football is popular in Bali, cockfighting continues to be the traditional national sport.
  11. Indonesia” was first used by the British in the mid-19th century. The word comes from the Greek word nesos, which means ‘island’, and the Latin name Indus which means land beyond the Indus river.
  12. Dutch colonists preferred to call Indonesia the Dutch East Indies or the Malayan Archipelago and so the name was adopted by the anti-colonial movement in the early 20th century
  13. Indonesia is very rich in natural resources – its oil reserves alone make it the only South East Asian member of Nato and it is the world’s largest producer of palm oil. But despite being one of the G20 group of leading economies, roughly half of Indonesia’s population lives on less than $2 USD a day
  14. Indonesia is strict when it comes to…religion. The government only recognizes six religions – Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Confucianism – and every citizen must officially subscribe to one of those religions, regardless of what he or she may actually believe. Two individuals with different religions are not allowed to marry, unless one of them converts
  15. Did you know that Indonesia is home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslim population? That also makes Indonesia the world’s largest Muslim country, with over 87% of the country’s population identifying themselves as Muslim.
  16. Indonesia exports 3,000 tons of frogs’ legs to France each year. Bet you didn’t know that.
  17. Yet another strange Indonesian export involves the Asian palm civet and coffee berries.To be more specific, these small, cat-sized mammals are fed coffee berries. After they defecate, their feces is collected, washed, and used to make kopi luwak. If that sounds gross to you, you should try it – the action of the civet’s stomach enzymes gives the coffee an unrivaled richness of flavor without any of the usual bitterness. As a result, Kopi luwak is the world’s most expensive beverage, costing around $1,000 per pound.
  18. Indonesia is one of the most geographically and geologically interesting countries in the world. The islands of Indonesia are stretched out between the Australian and Pacific tectonic plate, making Indonesia one of the most changing geological areas in the world. Every day, the country experiences three vibrations and at least one earthquake.
  19. Speaking of headhunters, the Indonesian side of Timor is known to be home to the last-remaining headhunting villages
  20. Indonesia was a regional superpower before it was colonized by the Dutch. The Sri Vijaya and Majapahit Empires spanned the entire Indonesian archipelago, even including the present-day Malaysia and even the southern islands of the Philippines
  21. While the majority of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, the small Indonesian Hindu population mostly lives on the island of beautiful Bali. On the beautiful island, you’ll be able to catch a performance of the Wayang Kulit, or shadow puppets, as well as beautiful dance performances and Hindu-influenced sculpture.
  22. The irony of this, however, is that there is no word for ‘art’ in Balinese.
  23. Speaking of Bali, Balinese Hinduism is rich with ancient superstitions. One that endures to this day is not letting a baby’s feet touch the ground for the first six months of the infant’s life. It’s done to prevent the devil entering the child and as a result, infants are continuously passed from relative to relative.
  24. The oldest hominid in the world, Pithecanthropus Erectus, is found in Indonesia. Its origin is dated way back from 1.8 million years ago.
  25. 20% of liquid natural gas in the world is produced in Indonesia and [Indonesia] is the largest supplier worldwide.
    Indonesia is a major producer of cloves and nutmeg and ranked first in the world in terms of production.
    Indonesia is the largest exporter of plywood, which makes up 80% of the supply to the world.
  26. Indonesia is the world’s richest in term of most extensive coral reefs. It has about 18% of the total coral reefs around the world.
  27. Indonesia has the largest number of shark species, which is approximately 150 species.
  28. Indonesia has the largest mangrove forest in the world. Mangroves prevent erosion by sea water.
  29. Indonesia has the world’s smallest primate named the Tarsier Pygmy (Tarsius pumilus), also known as the Mountain Tarsier, whose length is only 10 cm. This animal looks like a monkey and lives on trees found in Sulawesi.
  30. Indonesia has the world’s longest snake called the Python Reticulates, which is 10 meters long and can be found on Sulawesi island.
  31. Indonesia has the smallest fish in the world named the Paedocypris progenetica, with a length of 7.9 mm and found in a Sumatra muddy swamp.
  32. Indonesia has the world’s largest flower called the Rafflesia Arnoldi, which has a diameter of up to 1 meter during the blossom phase.
  33. Between Bali and Lombok goes „Wallace Line”, which under botanical and zoological circumstances divides Asia from Australia and Oceania. That’s why on those two islands you can find totally different flora and fauna species.
  34. Indonesia, after Australia is the second country of the biggest number endemic species in the world. It means that 39% of all mammals and 36% birds of Indonesia are considered as endemic.
  35. In Indonesian part of New Guinea located is owned by American corporation Freeport the biggest gold mine in the world. Deposits of natural resources lays deep under the Grassberg Mountain in Papua jungle and dust is transported by 116km long pipe system. Every year mine produces around 60 tons of gold and silver, as well with approximately 112 tons of cuprum.
  36. On Bali you can find six independent name systems, which are used in a special circumstances. Most often Balinese are named depending on the birth order: for the first kid: Wayan or Ayu, second: Eka or Nyoman, third: Made,Gede or Nengah, fourth: Ketut. After that cycle starts from the beginning, which means that fifth child will again get named Wayan.
  37. During Balineese New Year called Nyepi – Day of Silence, all the people on the island are obliged to not leave their houses and don’t turn on lights during all day. Balinese people pretend that island is inhabited to deceive demons which one day earlier they expelled to other island during Ogoh-Ogoh ceremony.
  38. Indonesian people strongly believe in magic. Sudden illnesses are often recognized as thrown by somebody bad charm. In all country natural healers and magicians are very popular.
  39. In Bali holidays occur average every three days.
  40. Normal Balinese family half of their monthly budget spends on religion activities, ceremonies and everyday offerings.
  41. Borneo tribes have unique tattoo traditions. Because of pain tattoo rights have only women, which that way are supposed to be prepared for future giving birth pain.
  42. In Tana Toraja region of Central Sulawesi during special funeral ceremonies, local people sacrifice hundreds of buffalos and pigs. The cost ofsuch a project is often even few thousand dollars.
  43. Last case of Papua cannibalism is dated on 1999.
  44. On Lembata island lives small group which is able to survive there thanks to traditional extreme whale hunting. Hunters throw their pikes from small wooden boats and fight with those enormous creatures.
  45. Sumba Island is famous from horse ritual battle, where participants fight using wooden spears. Battle is played until one of the riders will fall on the ground, what very often ends tragically. Blood shed during festival should be an offer for the gods to provide prosperity to the island habitants.
  46. Nutmeg – once the most expensive spice of the world, used to grow only in one place of the world – Indonesian Banda Islands.
  47. In XVII century Duch switched Manhattan for British Rhun Island of Banda Archipelago.
  48. There is no such thing as civil marriage in Indonesia. All of them must be proceed in order to religion laws.
  49. In December 1973 Japanese WWII solider was found on one of Maluku islands. He was hiding in the middle of the forest and didn’t know that war ended 28 years earlier.

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