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6 Festivals In Ubud (Bali) That Will Knock Your Socks Off In 2017


If you love festivals as much as we do, you’ll be pleased to know that Ubud has plenty of them to offer. Starting with Bali Spirit Festival in March to Jazz Festival in August, to Writers & Readers Festival in October… you won’t get bored!

Btw. If there’s a festival that you’d wholeheartedly recommend — and we missed it here — please post it in the comment section below. After all, sharing is caring.

6 Festivals In Ubud (Bali) That Will Knock Your Socks Off In 2017

1/ Bali Spirit Festival | March 19th-26th, 2017


Hands down one of the most famous New Age festivals on the planet. It has been featured in the Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, The Elephant Journal, CNN Indonesia, and more. If yoga, music, and spirituality are your thing — head over here.

2/ New Earth Festival | April 5th-9th, 2017


Yet another New Age festival. Come to omm, heal, and dance your butt off with like-minded (and hearted) souls from all around the world.Details here.

3/ International Bali Meditators’ Festival | June 1st-5th, 2017


It’s the 9th edition of the Festival, themed “Soul Awareness Retreat”. If you want to “Unveil the Secret of the Soul and Reincarnation” — this event is on your must-do list. Located in Anand Ashram Ubud (3 km from Ubud Main Street, 600 meters from Tegal Lantang Temple).More info here

4/ Ubud Village Jazz Festival | August 11th-12th, 2017


With bands from all over the world — from Germany to USA, to local artists — this Festival is a treat for every Jazz lover. If you want to know more, click here.

5/ The 3rd Annual Bali Vegan Festival | October 6th-8th, 2017

The Bali Vegan Festival is an annual 3-day event held at Paradiso Ubud and the surrounding area. A celebration of animals, the environment, and the earth — it is open to vegans and the vegan curious. Interested? Check more here.

6/ Ubud Writers and Readers Festival | October 25th-29th 2017


The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival is Southeast Asia’s leading festival of words and ideas. It celebrates extraordinary stories, amplifies brave voices, and tackles global issues through the lens of literature and the arts. This 5-day event brings together a diverse mix of Indonesian and international writers, speakers, thinkers, artists, and activists — to create a space for intercultural exchange and connection.

Btw. If you buy 10 or more tickets, you’ll get 10% off. More info here

Now, we want to hear from YOU! What are your recommendations? Are there any festivals in Ubud that should be mentioned in this post? Share your tips with other travelers.The comment section below is all yours…

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