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Korowai Tribe – The People Of The Trees | Papua Expeditions

Korowai Tribe - The People Of The Trees - Papua Expedition - Far Horizon

Korowai Tribe – The People Of The Trees is the most unique Papua Expedition and one of the best and signature expedition organized by Far Horizon. In this post we would like to introduce you the biggest highlights and brief description of the expedition. Make sure to check the dates of the next one –> here!

Korowai Tribe – The People Of The Trees: Highlights

  • Explore the second biggest rainforest on the planet,
  • See one of the most isolated tribes in the world, face the last living cannibals,
  • Time travel back to the stone age,
  • Understand how the society develops by experiencing its pre-tribal phase,
  • Learn about living in the jungle,
  • Stay overnight in “houses” hung atop trees up to 40 meters above the ground,
  • Hunt wild boars and take a swim in a river full of crocodiles (don’t worry – an armed tribesman will keep his eye on ya!),
  • Witness ancient animistic rituals,
  • Visit this unique world of people who live in a way our ancestors once lived 5000 years ago…
  • Forget about the 21st century! You are going back to the stone age!

Korowai Tribe - The People Of The Trees - Papua Expedition - Far Horizon

Korowai Tribe – The People Of The Trees: Expedition Introduction

This is probably one of the most exciting, challenging, and at the same time, most rewarding expeditions to be organized on this planet. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, a moment which changes the way you see the world around you. Yes – it’s going to be a bit tough, exhausting, and you will get dirty… But is it too high of a price for time travel?

The expedition will take you to one of the most remote and impenetrable areas of Indonesian West Papua, between inflows of the Brazza and Elianden Rivers, and south from the Jayawijaya Mountains (also known as the Snow Mountains). These regions are inhabited by the Korowai and Kombai tribes – fascinating, small (less than 3000 people) groups that first made contact with the outside world in the late 1970’s. Interestingly enough, there are still clans that refuse to deal with outsiders who are often considered as evil spirits of deceased relatives. Until now, Korowais and Kombais remain one of the most isolated and unknown tribes in the world. There are between 200 to 700 languages spoken in the area of West Papua and some of those languages are permanently disappearing. Certainly we will be entering a world that may soon be irretrievably gone…

During 7 days of trekking through untouched rainforests and swamps, we will visit several outlying “houses” hung upon trees, some even 40 meters above the ground! Their houses are built this way for protection from hostile neighbors (the whole area was well known for the practice of head hunting and cannibalism), but also to avoid mosquitos and other insects, which are less active in higher areas. We will spend a couple of days in chosen “rumah tinggi” (literally: “a tall house”), which will give us unique opportunities to observe and learn everyday life in the jungle, hunting techniques that haven’t changed since hundreds of years, animistic rituals, and even face the last living cannibals. Several times during our previous expeditions we have even managed to make first contact with “autochthons” – people of the tribes who have never seen a white person before.

Check out this video of Korowai Tribe – The People of The Trees Papua Expedition to see more:

After trekking through the Korowai/Kombai territories is finished, the group will return by boat to Dekai, and then to Jayapura, where they can catch their flights to Jakarta or Bali. Alternatively, time permitting we can prolong the expedition and spend a couple of more days in another amazing place… Baliem Valley! Once one of the most inaccessible and mysterious areas of West Papua, this used to be a destination for dramatic and often deadly dangerous expeditions set by missionaries in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Today the town of Wamena has become the last outpost of civilization in the region and a starting point for expeditions exploring the lands of Dani, Lani and Yali tribes. After a short rest at the hotel, you will visit the village of Jiwica – a place where members of the Dani tribe preserve the smoked mummy of their distant ancestor. The participants will take part in the traditional Dani feast and witness the traditional way of roasting pigs using hot stones as well as staging fights still organized by a majority of the tribes during important events.

Another option is to spend a few days on the REAL PARADISE ISLANDS of Raja Ampat – commonly voted as the best diving spot in the world and one of the most beautiful and untouched coral archipelagos on the planet. This is indeed the doorstep to Heaven, a home to the prevalent species of Birds of Paradise and small isolated communities of fisherman. You could be accommodated in one of the mind blowing resorts and simply enjoy everything that paradise has to offer.

Korowai Tribe - The People Of The Trees - Papua Expedition - Far Horizon

Just like other FAR HORIZON programs in New Guinea, “The people of the trees” is an authentic exploratory expedition focused on contact with tribes that remain in almost total isolation from the outside world. We have almost ten years of experience in Papua and are equipped with satellite navigation systems and hand-drawn maps that are not available to other guides. This is a fascinating, unforgettable, and unique journey back in time to a period when people did not know steel and used stone tools. It’s a trip to the world of cannibals, mysterious warriors and villages lost in the jungle. This will be an adventure of a lifetime even for experienced travelers!

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