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Lombok & Gili Travel Guide: How To Get There, What To Do & When

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Lombok — an island east of Bali, but less famous than its neighbor. While every year millions of tourists invade Bali, many places on Lombok are still untouched. And so the island offers many empty and often isolated dream beaches, friendly people, yummy food and spectacular nature.

Transport – Lombok & Gili Travel Guide

The easiest way to get to Lombok is to get one of fast or slow boats that run from Bali to the port at Lembar. You can also fly in with Garuda Airlines, Lion Air, Silk Air, Air Asia or Batik Air. When flying out, remember about the departure tax: about Rp 45,000 for domestic flight and Rp 150,000 for international departure.

The main form of public transport on Lombok — besides the horse-carts known as cidomo, which remain very much in service — is short-hop minivans. Please note that these are a bit tricky to negotiate without time and language skills. Tourist shuttles run between major destinations, and the airport has national and international connections, as well as a shuttle to the main resort area of Senggigi.

What to do in Lombok – Lombok & Gili Travel Guide

Lombok merits a longer stay. It offers world-class surf breaks between April and November — mainly the Desert Point in the south-west, but also around Kuta in the south. If you’re feeling adventurous, try getting on top of Gunung Rinjani… The 3,762-metre volcano makes for a challenging, three-day climb. In its foothills are pretty waterfalls, as well as ancient mosques and villages still populated by practitioners of a Hindu-Islam fusion unique to Lombok and Bali.

Lombok & Gili-Travel-Guide-how-to-get-there-what-to-do & when-Rinjani-Volcan

What to eat in Lombok – Lombok & Gili Travel Guide

Typical Lombok dishes include sate pusut (spicy minced satay), and ayam taliwang (fiery fried chicken). In Mataram, the island’s capital, Dua-Em (Jalan Transmigrasi) is a good place to experience these and even more extravagant delicacies… We won’t reveal much more here, we’ll let you explore. 😉

Gili Islands – Lombok & Gili Travel Guide

All most visitors to Lombok see of this intriguing island are the trio of white sand isles known as the Gilis, off the north-west coast. The three sisters are: the party-hearty Gili Trawangan, stylish Gili Air and less-developed Gili Meno. Fast boats run directly from Bali and Lombok to these hedonistic hotspots, which are famously free of powered vehicles — the crossing is often included in a hotel transfer.

Lombok & Gili-Travel-Guide-how-to-get-there-what-to-do & when-Gili-Islands

While there are many better diving destinations in Indonesia, the Gilis are a popular base to learn both scuba and freediving: try Manta Dive or Freedive Gili. Avoid the Gilis during the August peak period, when prices can triple.

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