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New Flight Connections in Indonesia


For almost a decade Far Horizon has been proving that Indonesia is much more than just Bali, Java and Lombok by taking our clients to the most beautiful and yet still remote parts of the world’s biggest archipelago. Reaching some of those places was sometimes challenging and time consuming due to lack of the regular flights and general transport infrastructure. Fortunately, this is slowly changing and today we would like to present you few recently launched flight connections which can make some of Indonesia’s best destinations closer for your clients.

Jakarta – Labuan Bajo – Jakarta: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

New-Flight-Connections-in-Indonesia-Jakarta - Labuan Bajo

Let’s start with real game changer: Labuan Bajo and Komodo has finally got its direct connection with Jakarta. Thanks to that there is no longer need for a stop-over in Bali so you can take an international flight to Jakarta and then just hop on the next flight directly to Labuan Bajo, from where you can start the cruise in Komodo National Park.

Ende – Tambolaka: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

New-Flight-Connections-in-Indonesia-Ende - Tambolaka

This flight connects Flores with Sumba. We can now combine exploration of Komodo National Park with short trip in Flores followed by an ultimate leisure time in Nihiwatu or other accommodation in Sumba. Before going to Sumba from Komodo and Flores would require coming back to Bali and spending a night there.

Makassar – Palopo: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

New-Flight-Connections-in-Indonesia-Makassar - Palopo

Another flight which makes our life much easier, this time in Sulawesi. Until recently, the only way to reach fabulous Tana Toraja was to take 8 hours long drive from Makassar to Rantepao. Now there is a daily flight from Makassar to Palopo which is only an hour away from the capitol of Tana Tortaja.

Makassar – Wakatobi: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

From Makassar we can also take a direct flight to one of the Indonesia’s most beautiful mini archipelagos: Wakatobi. Putting together Sulawesi, Tana Toraja and Wakatobi creates exciting and unique itinerary!

Bali – Waktaobi: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

Wakatobi can be also reached with an affordable charter flight directly from Bali – this option might be especially interesting for corporate groups and incentive projects.


Komodo from the sky

Palangkaraya – Surabaya – Banyuwangi: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

With this connection, we can easily transfer groups from Borneo and enrich the trip by the visiting famous Ijen volcano in East Java and continue the journey to Bali day after.

Jogyakarta – Surabaya – Banyuwangi: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

Another convenient flight connection which allows combining Jogyakarta, Mt. Ijen and Bali in one, comfortable trip, without necessity of all day long driving.


Ijen from the sky

Charter boat from Seram to Raja Ampat: New Flight Connections in Indonesia

With a private charter of a comfortable speedboat we can transport up to 10 people from the island of Seram in Maluku to Misool in Raja Ampat in less than 4 hours. Why is it important? Because now we can explore the legendary Spice Islands and Raja Ampat – the true Paradise on Earth during one, epic trip!

All those new connections mean new opportunities and new, awesome itineraries which we will be sending your way soonest!

See you in Paradise!

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