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Paradise Islands of Raja Ampat Will Take Your Breath Away


Let’s not fluff around here. Raja Ampat is hands down one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is an Indonesian archipelago (with collection of over 1,500 small islands) located off the north-east of Java and Bali, at the coast of West Papua. It’s not the cheapest holiday destination you can choose but you will end up in paradise. You’ll be offline majority of the time as the Internet and phone range are quite weak there. But something tells us… you wouldn’t mind. 😉


Raja Ampat – What is it famous for?

Raja Ampat is jaw-dropping above and underneath the sea surface. It’s famous for swimming, diving and snorkeling, with crazy marine biodiversity and most magnificent corals. The water is warm and you have high chances of spotting manta rays, sharks, pygmy seahorses, and a vast range of fish. No wonder it’s a Marine Protected Area. Many people say it was their best diving ever — and well worth the effort of getting there.


What else to do in Raja Ampat?

After exploring the underwater kingdom, you can get back on the land and book a bird life/ bird watching excursion. The other option is to… climb the steep rocks of one of the islands to discover (probably) the most beautiful view you’ll ever see. Take a hike up the 340 wooden stairs to look over a majestic bay on Pianynemo Island. We’ve seen photos before visiting and assumed they must have been photoshopped… but no. It’s really that stunning.

Another thing on the list is a visit to Arborek Island. It’s a tiny place with around 200 residents, a school, church, a few homestays and basic stores.The island welcomes tourists with smiling kids and traditional dances. You can also get a tour of the village. It’s a picture-perfect place with no cars, a few colourful boats, and bright yellow and blue fencing — make sure you have your phone on you.


How do you get to Raja Ampat?

The journey isn’t simple — but it’s so so worth it:

  • From Jakarta, fly to Sorong (4 hour 5mins). Some flights go via Makassar.
  • From Sorong, take a taxi to the harbour (15 mins).
  • Once at the harbour take the Bahari Express ferry to Waisai, which is located on the island of Waigeo. The express ferry takes 2 hours.
  • From there you’ll need to arrange a taxi boat with your accommodation. Most homestays and hotels will organise your transfers.

Or… you can simply >>contact us<< and we will plan and organise everything for you!!!

Now, we want to hear from YOU! Have you been to Raja Ampat? What are your recommendations? Share your tips with other travellers. The comment section below is all yours…

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