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Short History of Bali

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Bali is a volcanic island of about 153km long and 112 wide located between Java and Lombok. Almost 90 percent of Balinese people are Hindus, a minority in Indonesi where most of the population is Muslim. As an Indonesian province, Bali has its own capital, Denpasar which is also its largest city. Bali is divided into eight regencies and each of them has its own capital and emblem. Bali became part of the Republic of Indonesia in 1950 and its various kingdoms have been replaced by administrative regencies, which are: Badung, Bangli, Bululeng, Gianyar, Jembrana, Karangasem, Klungkung and Tabanan.

Discover Short History of Bali:

2000 BC – First sign of human presence in Bali
10th century AD – The earliest remains of a Hindu civilization are found in Goa Gajah
11th century – Royal Tombs are built in Gunung Kawi
14th century – Bali becomes part of the Javanese Kingdom of Majapahit
1383 – The Kingdom of Gelgel is Established
17th century – First Arrival of Dutch ships in Bali
1964 – The Kingdom of Klungkung begins
1711 – The Kingdom of Mengwi is established
1740 – The Kingdom of Karangasem conquers West Lombok
Mid-18th century – Bangli seeks protection from the Dutch
Late 18th century – The kingdom of Gianyar is established
1849 – Conquest by the Dutch of Northern Bali
1906-1908 – The Dutch invade the last free kingdoms of Bali: Bandung, Tabanan and Klungkung, where royal families and their entourage committed the infamous “puputan” a collective suicide march.
1917 – Eruption of Mount Batur
1942-1945 – Japanese occupation
17.08.1945 – Start of Independence war against the Dutch until the creation of the Republic of Indonesia in 1949
1958 – Bali becomes a separate province of Indonesia
1963 – Eruption of Mount Agung
1967 – General Suharto takes over the country from President Sukarno
2014 – Joko Widodo is elected as the president of the Republic of Indonesia

All of these events played an important role in growth and creation of today’s modern culture and urban development. If you want to discover not only history of Bali, but also Balinese culture, make sure to check out our latest blog posts, such as:

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