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Weather in Bali – Wet Season (October-April)


Bali’s monsoon season begins at the end of October and lasts until April. Average year-round temperature stands at around 26-29°C, but it’s the humidity that makes THE difference… And so the wet season is the stickiest and least pleasant time of year. Many people avoid visiting the island during this period — with exception of…

Peak Time: Weather in Bali – Wet Season

December and January — two of the busiest months of the year for Bali’s tourism with thousands of people invading the island to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

There are loud and colourful celebrations in the streets and the island buzzes with energy and excitement. As a result, hotel prices tend to skyrocket so be sure to book accommodation in advance — or come in February to enjoy the reduced prices.


Must-Know: Weather in Bali – Wet Season

Slippery when wet: With the wet season comes slippery roads and trekking conditions, obscured views and poor visibility on the streets. It is advisable to practice extra caution when driving (especially on a scooter) and while doing recreational activities.

Dengue fever: The wet season is heaven-on-Earth for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, in this neck of the woods, some of them carry around the nasty Dengue Fever. We recommend purchasing a local mosquito repellents as it is believed that insects have become resistant to the Western versions. Repellents can be easily found in most shops and supermarkets.

Turbulent belly: It’s slightly easier to get the (un)famous ‘Bali Belly’ during this time of year. We recommend to pack some pharmaceutical safety essentials — like probiotics and tablets for diarrhea.

Outdoor Sports: Weather in Bali – Wet Season

Bali’s beaches, especially in the south, tend to get a little polluted during this time of year as strong currents wash trash onto the shore. Not that it would stop the Worshippers of Waves.

Instead, their attention is on the ripper offshore breaks that form in the west as the monsoon winds get stronger. An added benefit for surfers during the wet season is the warm water. Wetsuits are certainly not needed.

Most surfers can get away with not wearing wetsuits for most of the year but water temperatures do tend to dip slightly during the dry season, especially from July through till August, so you might want to get one then.

If you want to synchronize your trip not only with the seasons, but also with cool Bali Festivals, have a look HERE.

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