Archipelago Crossroad


Java is the crossroads of Indonesia’s island archipelago. Culture and religion, race and identity, modernity and ancient tradition, natural wonders with artificial urban chaos; all roads lead to Java Island. This central island is home for most Indonesians, an estimated 60% of Indonesia’s 240 million inhabitants live here making Java the most populated island in the world! Having 60% of the population living on 7% of the country’s territory spells serious congestion for most of Indonesia’s biggest cities such as Jakarta (the nation’s capital), Surabaya, Bandung and Jogyakarta.

For over 10 centuries Java Island has been the cultural, historical, economic and political heart of Indonesia. Hindu and Buddhist empires traded ruling periods in Java yet the Muslim empire emerged latterly to rule the entire archipelago. Silent witnesses of Java’s Island golden age still stand strong amid the country’s push into the future – the magnificent temples of Prambanan, Borobudur and Dieng Plateau are a few of the best known. For those seeking impressive landscapes, Java has much to offer as well – 121 volcanoes surrounded by stone deserts, vast rainforests, green rice fields and tiny traditional villages make this island awe inspiring. The sunrise over famous Mt. Bromo is a once in a lifetime event almost making one feel like they were on a different planet! Java is almost “swimming distance” from Bali so jumping over to this neighboring island is well worth it…



Bromo Volcano

Wake up early and see the sun rising over Mars…oh no, sorry, it’s actually Java and the sunrise over Mt. Bromo – one of the most spectacular views in Asia.


Borobudur Temple

Enter the world’s biggest Buddhist temple from the 8th century that still remains an active place of worship.



Lose yourself whilst partying in one of the hundreds of top-notch clubs of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.



Visit a spectacular complex of Hindu temples from the 8th century. The former glory of Javanese culture can only be compared with the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.


Ijen Volcano

Climb the Ijen volcano complex and watch locals descend deep into the crater to dig barehanded for pieces of sulfur, with some pieces weighing as much as 70kg.



Hang out for a couple of days in Jogyakarta – the intellectual and artistic capital of Indonesia. Meet the Sultan in his palace, chat with friendly students, or try some famous local culinary specialties.


Alas Purwo National Park

Go on athe surf trip and surf one of the best waves in Indonesia in the famous G Land!


Baluran National Park

Feel like you’re in Africa and go for a one day jeep safari trip.


Meru Bertiti National Park

Join local rangers and learn about turtle protection in the Suka Made beach turtle conservatory.


Karimun Jawa Archipelago

Spoil yourself and relax in KarimunJawa National Park – a 27 islands archipelago located in the northern part of Java.


Ujung Kulon National Park

Visit one of the UNESCO sites in Indonesia, see the mighty Krakatau Volcano and learn more about its geology and history.


Tea Plantations around Bandung

Feel like you’re in Sri Lanka. Go for a walk in theWallini, Malabar and Ciater tea plantations located near Bandung City.


Seribu Archipelago

Discover the one thousand islands archipelago and run away from the busy city of Jakarta city.


Goa Jomblang

Explore this vertical cave located near Jogjakarta City.


Solo – Surakarta

Travel back in time and visit the city of Surakarta with its picturesque Sultan’s Palace.


Green Canyon

TakeCatch some amazing shots oin your camera lance and have fun while swimming and rock jumping while exploring thewhile Green Canon exploration.


Green Valley

Venture off the beaten track and see another natural wonder in West Java.


Kawah Putih

See the white crater. Walk around and marvel at the beautiful views of this natural site.


Candi Sewu

Visit the second after Borobudur, largbiggest Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia, (second only to Borobudur) located just next to thePrambanan Temple.



Discover the colonial past of the Dutch East Indies and stroll around on this beautiful city.



Go for shopping! Bandung is known from its numerous of fashion outlets.


Sangiran Site Early Man Site

Learn more about evolution and see the remains of Homo erectus in this UNESCO World Heritage listed cultural site.


Buffalo races at Madura Island

See the famous buffalo races in Madura Island.


Madakaripura Waterfalls

Discover a hidden gem located near the Bromo Volcano.


Wayang Kulit

Witness the puppet show performance and learn more about the process of making the puppets themselves and the story of Epos of Ramayana.



Stroll around in the capital of Central Java and try Lumpia Goreng spring rolls in Chinatown.