Morning walk through beautiful paddy fields of an UNESCO world heritage site to a secluded mountain village.
Experience rural life and participate in their daily activity. Weave your own offering basket, plow the rice fields
with a water buffalo and join a blessing ceremony in the village temple.

  • When: all year
  • How long: 6-8 hrs
  • Group size: min 2
  • Price from: 53 EUR/pax

* 08:00 am pick up from your hotel in south Bali to proceed thru country site of central Bali.

* Morning walk thru beautiful landscape of terraced rice fields to Belulang a mountain village where we visit severalhomes to experience and participate in their daily activity.  40min walking time to the village.

* In the first home we practice to weave a handmade offering basket from coconut leafs which is one of the mostimportant skills in Balinese life. You will use your own basket in the afternoon at the blessing ceremony in the villagetemple.

* In the second home we will learn all about coffee. Practice traditional coffee roasting and grinding. Experience this localcoffee freshly brewed.

* In the third home join a cooking class. Learn to cook easy Balinese dishes which you are able to recreate later at home.

* At close-by rice fields, help a farmer to plow the field and seed the rice, the most important plant in Bali as for 65%inhabitants of our planet.

* Picnic-Lunch in a bamboo hut with panoramic view of paddy fields of the UNESCO world heritage site.

* In the afternoon a priest invites us to the village temple and leads us thru a ceremony of blessing by holy water. Beforeentering the temple, all participants will be properly dressed by us in Temple attire and will be given flower offeringswith fragrant incense sticks.  *Transfer back to your hotel in South Bali.