• When: all year
  • How long: approximately 90min
  • Group size: private charter
  • Price from: 4200 USD

Let’s do things different way. The way nobody else does. Allow us to discover for youanother side of mystical Bali; the side hidden high above the clouds and peaks of itsmighty volcanoes. Let’s have a look on the Island of Gods the way the gods see itthemselves – from the sky. Fly to the breathtaking volcanic crater of Mt Batur viaTanah Lot temple on the West coast. We reach Mt. Batur volcano after 30 minutes offlight time over diverse landscape. This crater is the remains of a huge explosion thatoccurred thousands of years ago. Lake Batur, Bali’s largest lake, is situated within thiscrater, next to a younger active volcano. The small volcano is constantly recreatingitself in periodic eruptions of ash and rock. We explore this I sometimes-smokingvolcano by circling the crater. Proceeding East we then fly over Lake Batur and pastMt. Abang, reaching Besakih temple, Bali’s biggest temple complex. The Helicopternow starts to climb to an astonishing 11,000 ft, to reach the crater of Mt. Agung. Uponreaching the top, we circle the crater and then start to descend towards BesakihTemple at the foot of the mountain. In the distance Mt. Rinjani on the neighboringisland of Lombok is visible on a clear day. On the return journey to the Heliport, wepass numerous rivers, valleys, hotels and villas and of course luscious rice fields. Priorto landing, the route takes us via the Eastern coastline to see the beaches of Sanur andBenoa harbour.

INCLUDED: transfers, beverages, private charter of helicopter