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Moluccas or Maluku Islands or Banda Islands – the vast archipelago stretching between Celebes and Papua is the best proof that Indonesia’s best is hidden on its remote, eastern part; off the radar and far from beaten track of Bali or Java.

Historical Moluccas are the famous Spice Islands – the place of legendary wealth searched by all greatest explorers of Europe which was one of the initial pushes for the Age of Discovery. Bandanese island of Rhun once become the first British colony in Asia which was later swapped with Dutch for another island called… Manhattan. Yes, the Spice Islands are full of surprising mysteries like their underwater world which is attracting and fascinating divers all over the world, becoming one of the world’s leading dive spots.

OPTION: THE CULINARY QUEST – why don’t you try our themed travel in Maluku Islands? A culinary journey around The Spice Islands complete with local market tours and food preparation workshops by our onboard private chef. After an epic sailing, end up in Bali to sail through workshops led by the Top Star Chefs.  Ready for your culinary life’s adventure in the paradise on Earth?

Что будет в этой экспедиции

    • Stay under-the-radar travel destination in Indonesia

    • Discover the legendary spice route at its heart
    • Smell and try to crack the real nutmeg
    • Climb Gunung Api still-active volcano
    • Go island-hoppingin Banda Islands
    • Stroll along drop-dead gorgeous beach paradise – snowy white beaches framed by untouched rainforest
    • Visit colorful villages dotting the countryside and talk to the local people
    • Fine, brightly-coloured architecture that dates back to colonial times & great museums
    • Enjoy our rich picnic lunch twice during the trip.

Это приключение для

  • Those who have itchy feet
  • Divers at all levels to see big & small creatures
  • Sun & beach seekers
  • Blissful views and rich wildlife enthusiasts
  • Ornitologists amazed with birdwatching trips
  • Undeveloped picture-postcard beach lovers
  • Foodies – seafood is of spectacular quality!
  • People at any age
  • People with average physical fitness and health
  • Для людей, которым подлинный опыт важнее удобного дивана

Что брать с собой

Всегда будь готов! Девиз скаутов прост, но верен.  A cruise and a little of ramble are something a bit more special than a regular travel so make sure you have:

трекинговые ботинки, длинные быстросохнущие трекинговые штаны, трекинговые рубашки с длинными рукавами, легкая непромокаемая куртка, легкий спальный мешок, легкий flip-flops and/or sandals, рюкзак (60л), comfortable, рюкзак (10л), сухие пакеты, репеллент от комаров, собственная аптечка первой помощи, swimwear, some decent shoes, sunglasses, quick-drying towel, sunscreen (a lot), thermic bottle or reusable bottle, reusable bag

Мы предлагаем

  • Продолжительность:
    12 days / 10 nights (incl. camping – 1n in tents)
  • Лучшее время для путешествия: X – IV
  • Погода: stable, transparent
  • Сложность (1-10): 2
  • Комфорт (1-10): 8
  • Будьте готовы к тому, чтобы island hopping
  • Начало путешествия: Джакарта, Ява
  • Ценовой диапазон: по запросу
  • Количество участников в группе: 2-10
  • Наличие тура: по запросу
  • Remarks: if you have a particular destination or itinerary in mind that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Every itinerary is tailored to guests’ requirements or wishes, and we can always plan a bespoke journey for your special interests


When coming here, don’t count on infrastructure that you might find elsewhere as these islands are a truly forgotten paradise on Earth. The lack of development here is what gives this place a special charm, so get here now, before everyone else does!

This Indonesian hidden gem has marine life that rivals world-famous Raja Ampat in Papua and yet few tourists go there. Diving in Ambon Bay is at the top of most people’s to-dive list, as it’s home to some incredibly rare animals such as the Ambon Scorpionfish, Halimeda Ghost Pipefish or Mandarinfish. The Banda Sea is also on the migratory path of schools of hammerhead sharks. Along these volcanic islands, the drop-offs are impressive, the reef is teeming with life, and you’ll see many examples of pelagic life: barracudas, tunas, turtles, reef sharks … everything is there.

The Moluccas boast more than 80 endemic birds, of which around 60% occur on Buru, Ambon, the Kai Islands and Seram (and almost all of the remainder on Halmahera), whilst the Tanimbar Islands with their 14 endemics belong geographically to the Lesser Sundas.


62 946.04 km²
 1 768 500
 28 /km2




Selamat Datang; welcome to Indonesia! Our representative will warmly welcome you upon your arrival at the international airport in Jakarta, Java (GMT +7), assisting you with baggage and the transfer to domestic terminal. You will catch another, connecting flight to Ambon in Maluccas (direct flight duration: approx. 3h30m; GMT +9), which is the capital of the Maluku Province

There will be still some time to grab a quick dinner at the airport before the departure for Ambon.

Размещение: overnight flight – you’ll spend this night at the plane

План питания: ужин



You’ll arrive to the airport of Ambon early in the morning and our driver will transfer you to the local harbor. Here you’ll board your private speedboat to set out on a few hours long sea journey to famous Banda Islands. Upon your arrival in Banda Neira – the main town of this tiny archipelago and destination of desperate sea expeditions launched from Europe since 16th century. The moment of entering the coral bay as it’s sealed off from the right by the magnificent volcano Gunung Api, and seeing a flotilla of small fishing boats setting off to open ocean with the rising sun ahead, is an unforgettable memory indeed. You’ll feel like literally back in time! Every house is like a museum. Cannons are still set in front of the gates and walls are decorated with XVII and XVII century inscriptions. 

After accommodation in a located in the old, colonial Dutch House Hotel, you’ll have some time for rest and taking a shower. Afterwards, you will head on some sightseeing in the city, followed by lunch that will be served in a local restaurant. Later on, you’ll enjoy a most delicious buffet dinner and overnight hotel stay.

Размещение: good quality colonial Dutch House Hotel

План питания: snacks, dinner.



Finish breakfast and take a boat trip to Rhun Island – the first British overseas colony ever. This tiny piece of land, which used to be the subject of a long and bloody conflict between European colonial powers, was finally transferred to the Dutch after the English came into an agreement that this small island would be swapped for another island called… New York!

We will have a short walk around the island and see the forgotten ruins of old forts and chitchat with the local villagers. Next, we’ll be taken by boat to the no-man island of Nailakka and set up a picnic lunch on its pristine beach and later relax or snorkel on the amazing coral wall around the island. Afterwards return to Banda Neira in late afternoon for dinner and stay overnight in the hotel.

Размещение: good quality colonial Dutch House Hotel

План питания: breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner.



Get ready early this morning and prepare to climb the mighty Gunung Api. It takes about 3h00m to get to the 666-meter above sea level peak as the final part of the path leads you through thick rainforest and fields of lava rock.

Be rewarded for this effort with a breathtaking view of the entire archipelago; from the top with a panoramic view, it can be seen just how isolated the Banda Islands are. Return from the volcano to have lunch in the local restaurant and relax after climbing. Later in the afternoon, take a boat trip to Pulau Pisang (“Banana Island”) for snorkeling or just relax on the virgin beach with a view of the volcano. Afterwards return to Banda Neira for dinner and an overnight stay.

Размещение: good quality colonial Dutch House Hotel

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



In the morning, take a boat trip to Banda Besar to see the historical plantations of nutmeg – native to the Maluku islands, once the most expensive spice in the world. Walk through old almond trees and grab the opportunity to see how local people make a living while also observing various species of endemic birds. Snorkeling or diving is charged extra here but it also happens to be one of the best coral reefs in Indonesia. Return to Banda Neira for dinner and an overnight in the hotel.

Размещение: good quality colonial Dutch House Hotel

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



Around noon, a boat trip will take you to Ai Island where you can visit the local villages. Lunch is served on the beach and free time can be spent on unspoiled beaches (optional diving can be arranged as well). In the evening a farewell dinner is organized with an overnight stay in the hotel.

Размещение: good quality colonial Dutch House Hotel

План питания: breakfast, lunch at the beach, farewell dinner.



Early in the morning, boarding on your private speedboat and 6-hour long journey back to Ambon begins. Upon arrival you will be transferred to the where you’ll have a dinner and spend one night.

Размещение: city hotel 4*

План питания: breakfast, snacks, dinner.



Good morning! After breakfast our guide will transfer you to the harbor in Ambon in order to catch a speedboat to the port of Amahay in Seram Island. Here you will be taken on a wonderfully scenic drive of Seram Island through the impervious inland mountains. “Seram” means “scary” in local dialect – the island was named that due the practice of head hunting which was still alive among local tribes until late 50’s of 20th century.

Accommodation is provided in huts built on piles over azure waters and beautiful coral reef where you can jump in straight from your private terrace. Before diner, have a swim and relax in the clear waters of Seram and snorkel along the coastline where mountains melt into the sea forming an amazing coral covered slope. The beauty of this remote island is astonishing and even became the center of clove production for the fabled Dutch East Indies Company.

Размещение: bungalows – huts built on piles over the coral reef

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



The adventure begins. Early in the morning, accompanied by our expert naturalist guide, we will cross the gulf with a small boat to reach the mouth of the Lusiala River. Heading up the river, the immense jungle becomes thicker and thicker above our heads (it can get so thick that we might need to use a motor saw to continue onward).

Birds of every kind can be seen everywhere as Seram is famous for having the biggest variety of Equatorial birds in all of Indonesia. Eventually we will reach a point where it will be impossible to continue our journey by boat. Here porters will guide us to our base camp located in the jungle next to a fantastic lagoon where swimming is possible. This incredible two-hour walk through rainforest environment is difficult to describe for its beauty and majestic natural splendor.

The wonders continue with our next stop for a terrace picnic next to a waterfall where thick vegetation stretches skywards for more than 100 meters. Go for it, jump in for a swim and have some fun! In the early afternoon, we’ll arrive at the base camp and set up tents for the next part of our unique experience: having your group lifted 30+ meters up to the top of a towering tree by a pulley. Here, our friends have built wooden platforms that provide a truly great panoramic view above the rainforest.

For sunset the endemic birds of Seram begin to fly around the platform while clouds surround the mountains creating a marvelous effect seen in few places around the world. Even the option of spending the night on the platform above the treetops is available and completely safe. If heights get the better of you, rest assured overnight in tents below.

Размещение: camping – tents

План питания: breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner.



At dawn, our local guide organizes a bird watching trip that specializes in finding the rarest species. Platforms are built in prime spots for bird watching and if you keep quiet enough, there’s also a pretty big chance to spot deer or boars. Return to the camp for breakfast and afterwards, continue trekking through the jungle among natural monuments such as the massive Marante, Kelimbin or Ficus trees (which is almost impossible to see their tops because of their incredible height).

Their winged roots are so big that in the past, men living in the forest used them for shelter. A few hours walking in this rainforest and you’ll notice something quite peculiar – the clear ground below your feet. Because the vaults formed by treetops are so thick, sparse light penetrates through leaving little chance for the brushwood underneath to grow. Later visit the forest wildlife restoration center situated next to the Masihulang village.

Workers there try to re-adopt wounded or captured animals back to their natural environment. Recently they had the arduous task of taking care of a 9-meter long python! To end this day, return to Ora Beach in the evening for a dinner and sleep.

Размещение: bungalows – huts built on piles over the coral reef

План питания: breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner.




After breakfast we depart for Ambon – a 4-hour drive through Seram, and then another three hours by ferry arriving to Ambon late in the afternoon. Once there you will check-in to the the best hotel in town – and have a real farewell dinner in the local restaurant.

Размещение: city hotel 4*

План питания: breakfast, snacks, dinner.




In the early morning, prepare for transfer to the airport and check-in for flights to Jakarta or other destination that is awaiting you.

ЗАМЕТКИ: you’ve heard of Bali, right? Бали - остров известный своими потрясающими пейзажами, тропическим климатом и добросердечными людьми. Мы будем рады продлить ваше пребывание на Бали за дополнительную плату, поэтому подумайте о том, чтобы остаться немного дольше в Индонезии, убедившись, что вы наслаждаетесь непринужденной атмосферой, пляжами и фантастической едой! According to your wish, we can extend the tour by more days in Java or/and Bali.

REMARKS: be advised that the itinerary above may be subject to modifications due to weather conditions, delays in processing harbor clearances or changes of scheduled flights. The captain may adjust the itinerary in best interest of its passengers as well.


План питания: breakfast or breakfast box.

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