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Neither because sustainability is a buzzword, a marketing catch phrase or box we tick, nor because it’ll drive the future. Just because the popularity of travel is skyrocketing while environment and heritage are valued differently by different people. Sustainability isn’t a word for us. We educate visitors of natural and cultural wonders. We help our travelers to take meaningful actions. To get inspired and to follow. As we circle the globe, we learn new ways of sustaining our lives and those of the planet. Achieving sustainable tourism requires motivation, determination and a systematic approach, but no matter how busy we are, we won’t stop being trendsetters, encouraging our Clients to join us on ethical & more conscious travels. Because an appropriate tourism development is a long-term goal. At its heart is what makes Indonesia, its regions and our products special. What do we really mean by this?

See how do we implement responsibility into everyday life & business to reduce our environmental impact. Our 3 pillars reflect to sustainability in practice, not theory or green washing.


We do our best to make tourism a more caring industry by forming relationships with local commmunities and NGOs, offering our Clients many different options and pathways. Knowing that places can be spectacular for all kinds of reasons, we sell authentic expeditions & holidays of 2 broad types: small group travels and tailor made trips. There are some types of activities that we’ll never offer to make money on, because it goes against our essential principels.


We promote doing small steps – reducing water use, energy use and limit the amount of waste and plastic – by advising our Guests to bring: a compact bag,  reusable straw, water bottle, and packing eco-freindly essentials that can significantly reduce the waste quantity on the road. We don’t offer bottled water, but refillment; we don’t suggest buing a random souvenir, but guide where to buy some handpicked goods with a strong sustainable and ethical value, coming from producers with a long term strategic planning.

We leave no trace so we carry out all non biodegradable waste. If we see trash on the way, we pick them up and we might even ask you to help us collect it and take away. Moreover, knowing how bad is trash problem in Bali – as one of dozens of islands in the archipelago grappling with the problem of marine and coastline litter – we’re implementing our newest Team-oriented Project. Instead of our weekly brainstorm that we’re used to having in the Office, we’re going to pick different areas each week, to run their weekly cleanups by ourselves.

Last but not least, wildlife is wild, so feeding, touching and any altering of natural behaviour should never take place. This is why we never offer activities that abuse animals – neither taking a single photograph with a captive animal, nor taking you for a cookfight or elephant safari ride. Sorry. Animals are simply not an entertainment at Far Horizon. 


We minimize working with chained-brand hotels, focusing on locally-owned accomodation. Furthermore, we make sure you’ll we eat in restaurants and cafes (not neccesarily vegan), shop in grocery stores and boutique clothing brands, often promoting less popular or little-known tourist destinations. Our specialty is picnic experience and lunch-box variation, full of homemade bakes and local treats, taken straight from our fair-trade vendors.


Travelling with us means you help local economies blossom. Local sourcing is a principle across all our tour. We actively support and encourage fair employment practices – fair hours of work, favourable safe work conditions and equal pay for equal work for our Staff and local or foreign Guides. 

All our Guides demonstrate sustainable travel behaviour that encourages towards protecting the destinations’ resources. Don’t hesitate to talk about sustainability with them – they’ll share some of the exciting local projects around this topic. 


Why not to be a change we wish to see in the world?


If you have questions or delicious dream to fulfil, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist.

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