Breathtaking Landscapes


Timor is another beautiful and unexplored Island from the Lesser Sunda Islands Archipelago. The western part of the island belongs to Indonesia and the eastern part makes a separated country known as East Timor. Similarly to Sumbawa, on Western Timor you can discover many traditional, tribal villages, where its inhabitants are still practicing original and intriguing rituals and culture. Its remote location, past political crisis and visa problems washed away Timor from the tourist map of Indonesia for many years. Thanks to that, the island is still untouched and very authentic. Far Horizon can take you there now before things change!


Western Timor - Best Attractions


Fly to Kupang and get lost in colorful local markets. Visit small, traditional villages and take a ride to Soe, where on the way you will see amazing landscapes, savannas and waterfalls. Excited? Go and visit now!


Oenesu, Oebelo, Oesao

Visit the Oenesu, Oebelo, and Oesao villages, where you can see for yourself traditional and original musical instruments crafted from palm leaves. Who knows, maybe local people will let you try your strengths with playing some music during one of the many interesting ceremonies?