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You say that emotions are overrated. But that’s bullshit. Emotions are all we’ve got.” – a great, memorable quote from “Youth” directed by P. Sorrentino reminds us that even though the online world has been around for long, it’ll never replace the need to meet physically. Welcome the world of Incentive Travel and MICE, because the concept of quality meetings has been around for thousands of years and it won’t stop.

Business happens face to face and the economy is driven by human emotions. Some can be experienced at the individual level, others feels best when shared far away from home and a personal comfort zone. All of us need to interact and network to discover new environments, to try, smell and feel, no matter how effective sitting behind a computer screen seems to be now, it’ll never replace the excitement that travel brings.

So here we are, as a local DMC (acronym for Destination Management Company) with a huge understanding to your business needs and rules. We’re fully aware that incentive must be an effective part of your marketing plan. We’ve the knowledge and experience to handle it wisely and with skill, so boost your sales by unforgettable experience in Indonesia!


“One size fits all”? It’s good for clothing brands but not when it comes to ideal MICE Product. Thanks to our B2B background and experience, everything we do is bespoke, hassle-free, and convenient for you. One thing’s for certain, when you deal with Far Horizon – you’ll find a cost estimation to be clear and competitive. Because we’ve been there ourselves. Yup, we’ve worked for Incentive Agencies for over 10 years. That’s why we smoothly cooperate with Travel Agents from all around the world with whom we’ve created ambitious, crazy, and extraordinary journeys, no matter what the budget was

Your itinerary’ll be created by our ingenious Team, always tailor-made for a particular request. You probably wanna stay away from a cliché-ridden tour, so no stress – we hand-pick each detail that makes the difference. Aha, yet we haven’t mention a broad and highly developed contact system in South East Asia, consisting of trustworthy providers, with well negotiated prices in order to be highly competitive. Last – we tend to say that nothing is impossible, as long we’ve no concerns about your safety. Sounds like a deal?



Happy Customers


“Far Horizon is a company we’ve been cooperating for a long time. We’ve always been very satisfied with the cooperation & the quality of the services provided.  Everything was absolutely well organized & managed. We are obviously going to continue our fruitful cooperation & we do recommend them as great business partners.”

- Agnieszka Lewandowska, Incentive Care & Africa Line, Poland