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We are going to take you to a truly extraordinary place. Back in 2018, Far Horizon organized a survey
expedition to one of the most unexplored parts of Indonesian West Papua – the Bird's Head

We are going back there, and this time we are inviting you to come with us!

We were following the rumours of the previously uncontacted group of indigenous people that recently came out of the jungle to trade. As a result, we came across the remote village of Mairasi tribe, whose dwellers had minimal contact with an outside world. We had the honour of being the first outsiders who ever visited that place, and we become very close to its inhabitants.

Facts sheet about Papua:

Papua is the largest and the easternmost province of Indonesia, compromising most of the western part of the island of New Guinea.

The state of Papua New Guinea borders it to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the north, and the Arafura Sea to the south.
Covered mostly by dense jungle and mountains, Papua is considered as one of the least explored places in the world.

Total area: 319036 km2
Capital city: ДЖАЯПУРА
Population: 3347100
Population density: 10 /km2 (one of the least populated places in the world)
Погода: Hot and humid, frequent rainfall

Home to more than 250 diverse tribes

Papua is home to more than 250 diverse tribes, all speaking their own, unique languages with unique cultures. The majority of the indigenous population of Papua still live their traditional lifestyle and maintain limited contact with an outside world.

Papua is also home to a significant number of endemic flora and fauna, including Birds of Paradise, tree kangaroos, and the world’s most giant crocodiles. 

The tallest mountain of Papua – Puncak Jaya, 4884 m, also known as Carstensz Pyramid, is the lowest peak of the Seven Summits.

What ill you experience:

You will: 

– explore one of the wildest corners of planet Earth,
– encounter isolated, indigenous communities and witness their traditional, daily life;
– spend a few nights in a remote village that has barely been visited by any outsiders before,
– get to know fascinating, tribal culture;
– trek through the jungle and discover the beauty of the primary rain forest,
– try to spot endemic flora and fauna in the wilderness;
– swim with whale sharks and sea turtles,
– camp on the deserted island,
– have a big chance to see sea turtles lay eggs;
– enjoy pristine beaches & the beauty of wildness at the end of the world!

What to prepare:

– proper jungle trekking boots;
– light waterproof jacket;
– light sleeping bag;
– light air mattress;
– training gloves;
– flipflops or sandals;
– trekking hat;
– comfortable, waterproof backpack (60L)
– personal, waterproof backpack (10L)
– mosquito repellent;
– own first aid kit;
– Malarone or other anti-malaria pills;
– torch and spare batteries;
– personal knife or multitool;
– vitamin supplements;
– power bars;
– quick-drying, long jungle trekking pants (best light colours);
– quick-drying, long sleeve trekking shirt (best light colours);

Who is this trip for:

– for active people at any age with average physical fitness and health;
– for people passionate about different cultures;
– for people who love nature and prefer outdoor activities;
– for those who can bear simple traveling conditions;
– for adventurous and open-minded travellers looking to explore remote areas of the world;
– for those for whom authentic experiences are more important than leisure and comfortable accommodations;

Get ready for your next trip: 



Продолжительность: 14 days 13 nights 
Лучшее время для путешествия: November – March
Difficulty level (1-10): 5
Comfort lever (1-10): 3
Будьте готовы к тому, чтобы ночевке в простых условиях (палатки и местные хижины) и незамысловатой кухне (блюда, приготовленные поваром)
Количество участников в группе: 6-10
Ценовой диапазон: от USD 6000 / человека

Happy Clients

“We spent 5 days with the Korowai people, lived with them in tree houses. This was anything like we have ever done before. Far Horizon & Adam were terrific I can recommend them highly. They have planned a trip of our lifetime. “
- Rakib Hasan