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During a 10-day cruise across the National Park of Komodo, you’ll have an opportunity to dive with sharks and mantas in the best diving spots in the region and hunt down scaly dragons in Komodo or Rinca Island… Of course we only hunt with a camera in hand. Relax onboard in the sunshine, stroll along virgin beaches, and enjoy the unspoiled paradise islands surrounding you! Our voyage around the Unesco-protected reserve with an experienced local Crew not only gives you a sense of authenticity to the adventure, but also directly benefits the local community and economy. There is way more to see and do at this wonderful piece of earth.

Without doubt, the Komodo National Park is a living case study on the benefits of sustainable tourism. This particular wildlife has been able to prosper thanks to progressive policies governing its management and the awareness of local communities on the need to protect and nurture their livelihood. We’re mindful of how our visit impacts the local environment and its economy. This is a topic close to our hearts, so during our tours we stay on liveaboard boats, minimizing plastic waste and water use. We employ official local Guides and celebrate the great biodiversity of this ancient playground (after all, tourism can be a force for good, too). Not to mention if we don’t tread lightly, the Komodo dragons may – like its mythical, fire-breathing cousin – soon exist only in works of fantasy. If you still wanna see the best of Komodo and are looking for a smart road trip itinerary, you’ve arrived to the right place.

Что будет в этой экспедиции

    • Bucket-list experience: spot the last dragons on Earth!
    • Dive and play with black manta rays
    • Be awed by the tri-colored sand: the dreamy pink, the sugary white, and the rare black-sand beaches
    • Live onboard an elegant, custom built phinisi-style yacht that for the next 10-days will become your home

    • For the records – when we say ‘a home’ we mean the comfort of boutique accomodation on the wave

    • Get to know your skilled Crew assistance – an expert Captain, a cruise Host, and a private Chef who will make your trip remarkable

    • GOOD TO KNOW – while the Komodo trip is perfectly doable in 10 days, we can definitely add other destinations along the way if you have more time. Just drop us a line! If you have a praticular destination or itinerary in mind that is not listed below, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Every itinerary is tailored to guests’ needs or wishes but we can always plan a bespoke journey for your special interests

Это приключение для

  • Sun-loving people
  • Sailors at all levels – try a liveaboard diving adventure
  • Easy ride ideal for people at any age
  • Travel enthusiasts and adventure junkies
  • Divers at all levels to see big & small creatures
  • Blissful views and rich wildlife fans
  • Undeveloped picture-postcard beach lovers
  • Perfect for honeymooners, couples and/or private groups
  • People with any physical fitness and health
  • Для людей, которым подлинный опыт важнее удобного дивана

Что брать с собой

“Always be prepared!” Девиз скаутов прост, но верен.  A cruise is something a bit more special than normal travel so make sure you have:

swimwear, some decent shoes, flip-flops, sunglasses, quick-drying towel, сухие пакеты, mosquito repellent, sunscreen (a lot), own first aid kit, thermic bottle or reusable bottle, reusable bag

Мы предлагаем

  • Продолжительность: 10 days / 9 nights
  • Лучшее время для путешествия: a year-round destination, dry season occurs between April and November
  • Погода: stable, transparent
  • Сложность (1-10): 1
  • Комфорт (1-10): 10
  • Будьте готовы к тому, чтобы liveaboard, island hopping, soft and easy treks
  • Начало путешествия: Denpasar, Bali
  • Ценовой диапазон: по запросу
  • Количество участников в группе: min. 2
  • Наличие тура: по запросу
  • Remarks: you can follow this itinerary the other way around!


The name ‘Komodo’ refers to the whole archipelago known as ‘the National Park of Komodo’, stretching between the plateaus of Sumba and Flores in the Indonesian region of Nusa Tenggara. Komodo is composed of 3 major islands (Rinca, Komodo, and Padar) and 26 smaller ones, all of them of volcanic origin. Unlike the lush, verdant islands of Bali and Lombok, Komodo island is dry and hilly, covered in savannah-like brush.

The area was made a national park in 1980 and, in 1991, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Komodo National Park is ranging from 1733-square km with 29 islands, geographically it is mostly marine reserve encompassing one of the best diving areas globally. Rich marine environment, spectacular coral gardens, crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and a phenomenal abundance of fish species make Komodo a dream destination for divers from around the world. However, this is not all what Komodo is famous for.

Notoriously referred to as “Komodo Dragons”, they are in fact the world’s largest species of monitor lizard. An endemic species not seen anywhere else in the world, these lizards live up to their nasty stereotype with a deadly weapon: poisonous saliva that contains seventeen different kinds of dangerous bacteria. One bite is enough to kill a water buffalo! To make it even more fun, they are also cannibals. The islands are inhabited by a population of around 5,700 giant lizards at this moment, and without a doubt “dragons” are the highlight of any trip to Komodo


Main Islands
rinca, komodo, padar
1 733.04 km²
savannah vegetation




Selamat Datang; welcome to Indonesia! Our representative will warmly welcome you upon your morning arrival at the international airport in Denpasar, Bali, assisting you with baggage and the transfer. You will meet our local driver who will transfer you to the town’s harbor. Here the adventure begins!

Our Crew will welcome you on board an elegant, custom-built phinisi style yacht that for next week will become your home. We’re gonna make sure that you’ll feel right at home! You will be accommodated in private cabins with all facilities necessary to make your trip as relaxing as possible. After a short safety briefing and introduction to crew members, we set sail for the Gili Islands. The Gili Islands – made up of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air – are a haven for castaways, with sugar soft powder sand bordered by coconut palms and crystalline turquoise waters. The small archipelago of 3 coral islands is located exactly on the Wallace Line, which marks the bio-geographical border between Asia and Australia.

Later in the evening, dinner will be served on the main deck so you can enjoy it under the stars. Look up to sky – on clear nights you can see the Southern Cross among the millions of other stars. It’s a truly beautiful sight indeed. If you still sleepless it’s a good time to spice up the cruise with some serious partying and there is no better place for that than Gili Islands! A commonly known secret is that there are no police on the island so for decades folks have been coming here to get high and chill out.

ALTERNATIVELY – for those who wish to experience more nature than a party, we can sail a bit more to Lombok where our driver will transfer you to the slope of the mighty Rinjani volcano. Here you can spend a half-day trekking through the vast rain forest, visit the remote villages of the Sasak Tribe and reach a spectacular waterfall. Afterwards, we’ll pick you up in the evening from the northern cost of Lombok.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: lunch, dinner.



In the morning, the sailboat will drop its anchor next to the volcanic island of Moyo. Moyo Island is a pristine national park edged with flourishing tropical reefs, with a lush jungle interior home to macaques, wild cattle, wild pigs, barking deer and all manner of bird species.

After breakfast we’ll visit the coastal village and enjoy the hospitality of its inhabitants. Here you will have an opportunity to see the traditional water buffalo race and learn beautiful customs related to marriages and later we can hike to a nearby waterfall, hidden at the island’s forested heart. We’ll also spot a floating village that is home to Bajau tribe (known as ‘sea nomads’ or ‘sea gypsies’) on our way! They wander over the sea to catch fishes and use the wealth of the sea to make a living. No wonder they are famous as excellent sailors. They are able to adapt to the ferocious waves. All items and equipment that are on their boat are their property during life.

Lunch and dinner on the main deck.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



Today we set sail for our next destination – Satonda Island. It’s a tiny, coral island with a perfect view of the mighty Tambora volcano – its last eruption in the 19th century was the most destructive in recorded human history! Diving, snorkeling and fishing around Satonda is quite the highlight as the reefs here are stunning and full of fish. Here, you can swim or try watersports on the mirror still crater lake. At sunset, you’ll see thousands of bats flocking into the orange skies on their nightly hunting jaunt while we prepare your dinner under the stars. Soon after, we carry on towards Komodo.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



This morning you’ll wake up in a crystal bay next to Wera Village. Here you can see how locals build their traditional, wooden “phinisi” boats with technology that hasn’t changed since generations ago.

Later on we continue to another special place. The active volcano of Sangeang Api will come into
sight. Sangeang Api, a complex of active volcanoes close to Sumbawa Island and one of the most active volcanoes in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Its eruption in 1998 caused the evacuation of the entire population of the island and erupted again not even a year ago, in December 2012.

We’re going to hang around this place for half a day and can pay a visit to a small village of local fisherman living in the shadow of the deadly volcano where locals don’t have visitors too often so they are always very welcoming.

Later let’s see a different view by diving and snorkeling! Paradoxically, it’s underwater where you can see that the volcano is really alive as hot bubbles erupt through the black sand around the island. After lunch we will continue to the no-man’s island of Banta to enjoy it’s pristine beaches and spectacular corals with plenty of different kinds of fish. Sunset is a good time for fishing so we’ll do some trolling trying to catch Spanish mackerel or Wahoo for a fresh sashimi dinner as well.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



Awake on your 5th day aboard our yacht to a delicious breakfast followed by a visit to paradisiac, uninhabited Gili Banta Island. This ancient, collapsed volcano boasts beautiful desolate beaches and a beautiful bay, the perfect spot to stop for lunch and enjoy some watersports with stunning marine life off the Northwest coast of Sumbawa. 

A leisurely afternoon here can be spent exploring the island or reclining under an umbrella, or perhaps checking out some of the snorkel and dive sites in the local area. And here comes the best! Dive inside the caldera of a partially submerged volcano, without ever having to climb above sea level to get there. What we know for sure, there aren’t many places in the world where you can dive a volcanic cinder cone (day or night dives available).

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



In the morning we arrive to Gili Lawa Laut & Darat on the northwestern edge of Komodo, another amazing anchorage with a serene and peaceful scenery. Both have some serious claims to being one of Komodo’s best diving spots including ‘Castle Rock’, ‘Shotgun’, ‘The Passage’ or ‘Lighthouse’.

We will try to make 4 dives today (including a night dive), depending on your skills and weather conditions. The diving/snorkeling sites here consist of a reef, seamounts and exciting channels. We’ll explore three amazing sites with stunning corals packed with a myriad of fish and an occasional manta ray or reef shark may make an appearance. An alternative for non-divers will be a lazy beach day, snorkeling, watersports or fishing (we won’t be within the borders of the National Park anymore).

In the late afternoon, our Crew will take you to a breathtaking viewpoint on the hill of Gili Lawa Darat. This short trek through gentle green slopes will certainly reward you with one of the most stunning vistas of the spectacular sunset over the Komodo National Park where we’re going to make a toast to our journey. In the evening we arrange your BBQ dinner on the beach.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: breakfast, lunch, BBQ dinner.



Today’s highlight is picturesque Padar Island, parked neatly between Rinca and Komodo that offers one of the best panoramic views in the entire park. A sheltered, giant bay on the southeast side of the island makes for a beautiful anchorage in the shadow of dramatic craggy hills and beaches that stretch out in all directions. Everything is truly a sight to behold.

The hike (sunrise of afternoon) will take about 20 – 40 minutes depending on the kind of physical shape you’re in. There’s a cobblestone path all the way to the top now, but it still might be a pretty steep and exhausting climb. Along the way, there are some viewpoints where you can stop to rest as you work your way to the top for the best view. But trust us on this – the higher you get, the crazier the view! The island has a giant X shape, with 3 bays – white beach, black beach, and pink beach. Either way, the landscape really does look like a Jurassic Park set. The sun in Komodo can be brutal and since this particular hike has very little shade, we’ll make sure you won’t get roasted on the way.

We’ll be back to our yacht for lunch and our next destination shall be a beautiful pink sand beach at our secret spot on Padar Island.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



You can’t come to the Komodo National Park without seeing the dragons thriving on paradisiacal islands surrounded by a sparkling blue sea. The islands’ jagged hills, carpeted with savannah and fringed with mangroves, are home to prehistoric Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards.

Time for да просто soft trekking through forest and savannah of Rinca or Komodo Island where the Komodo dragons can be spotted. We will spend a few hours tracking these dragons of Komodo down under the protection of our local rangers. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back covered.

We spend the rest of the day chilling in this area to enjoy the stunning, crystal clear water, unspoiled beaches, unimaginably beautiful coral reefs or relax onboard in the sunshine. We also can organize some night diving if anyone is willing to give it a go.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: завтрак, обед, ужин



Today the yacht will anchor close to the Manta Point around Komodo Island (also called Karang Makassar). This particular area offers one of the most active underwater landscapes in Komodo with vibrant soft and hard coral gardens home to large numbers of fish. It’s one of the best places to see a number of black manta rays, black tip reef sharks or bumphead parrotfish and much much more – diving or snorkeling here simply cannot be disappointing.

After lunch on board, spend the afternoon beachcombing or cruising mangroves and hidden coves on the tender, or relax onboard in the sunshine.

Размещение: liveaboard

План питания: breakfast, lunch, farewell dinner.



This morning, our sailingboat will return to Labuan Bajo port in Flores Island. After a final breakfast on deck, it’s time to say farewell to our outsanding Crew and put your feet back on steady ground. We’ll transfer you to the airport to return home or carry on to your next destination.

ЗАМЕТКИ: we’ll be happy to extend your stay in Bali for an extra cost, so think of staying for a bit longer in Indonesia, making sure you enjoy Bali’s laid-back atmosphere, beach and fantastic food! According to your wish, we can extend the tour by more days in Java or/and Bali.

DISCLAIMER: be advised that the itinerary above may be subject to modifications due to weather conditions, delays in processing harbor clearances, or changes of scheduled flights. Together with your captain, we may adjust the itinerary in the best interest of its passengers, either before or during the cruise.


План питания: завтрак


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