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Previously known as Celebes, Sulawesi is one of the first eye-catching islands on the map of Indonesia. Its bizarre and scorpion-like island shape, large mountain ranges, volcanic cones, mysterious village names, regions, and neighbouring seas – all of that stirs one’s imagination and encourages venturing a bit further into this intriguing land.

The history of the Sulawesi Island is inevitably linked with colonialism and the brutal fighting that ensued between European powers over the control of trade routes and accessibility to valuable spice plantations. Sulawesi Island still to this day remains one of the world’s main producers of clove, nutmeg, coconut, copra, cacao, vanilla and coffee, although it’s not only tropical spices that make Sulawesi such an interesting travel destination. Breathtaking mountain landscapes, vastly covered jungles, savannahs, and rice field plateaus, unique flora and fauna, and above all the fascinating mysterious culture of the inhabitants are responsible for Sulawesi’s promise of an authentic adventure.

Tana Toraja is Sulawesi’s most famous cultural region. The people of this mountainous land have developed extremely complicated and spectacular burial customs in which the body of the dead is treated as if they were still alive. Corpses are put inside caves with small burial chambers carved in limestone cliffs and guarded with “tau tau” – wooden statues of the dead. If you add the rest of the region’s living animistic culture – the cult of white buffalo, boat-shaped houses, shamanism, and the belief in spirits – you will understand that an expedition to Tana Toraja is the same as plunging into a completely different lost world.


Witness the spectacular week long burial ceremonies sometimes attended by thousands of people. The number of pigs and buffalos sacrificed during the ceremonies can easily exceed ten thousand, making the whole event pretty costly as well. The ritual slaughter might not be the most pleasant thing to see but it’s definitely a unique experience.

The health of the reef system around Bunaken Island is simply the best. Famous for its excellent visibility, brilliant colors and lots of marine life: countless turtles, sharks, healthy and vibrant reefs, number of fish that will blow your mind. The turtle population is thriving and it truly has a real jungle feel when you walk around.

Relax in paradise! Wakatobi is a small archipelago southeast of Sulawesi that deserves to be called the “Paradise of Earth”. Pristine beaches, amazing coral gardens, whale sharks to be seen along with an absolutely tranquil atmosphere. Celebrated as having one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world, Wakatobi has no shortage of attractions.

Planning an ultimate romantic getaway? Pulau Cinta is literally a heart-shaped island with bungalows built above crystal clear water, ideal for your honeymoon or special anniversary. A perfect blend of turquoise and blue sea stretching as far as the eye can see. Feel the calming whisper, the wind breeze and untouched charm of this hidden gem you rarely find elsewhere.

Master Yoda exists and he lives HERE! Check it out. Ok, it’s a tarsier, the world’s smallest monkey, and one of the many endemic species you will meet in Bogani Nani National Park. The fact is that the national park has become the home of hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and much more!

Hey, nature lovers who thrive on spending time in the outdoors and observing wild animals and plants! This butterfly kingdom with its waterfall is well-known because of the discoveries of famous biologist Edgar Wallace. The place hasn’t changed that much, so except being spoiled by some commercialism, butterflies of any color, size, species will fly around you.

Have your camera ready at all times! A beautiful blue-sea view from cliffs is a breathtaking selfie spot for photo hunters. The place is really outstanding with a high cliff overlooking the turquoise water sea, which shouldn’t be missed when you’re in Bulukumba area. Go down thru wooden stairs to a dock, where you can jump to the sea and swim below the cliff – just beware of sharp coral!

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. This place is still not widely known among tourists, therefore it’s not equipped with even the most basic facilities. Named after world-famous Grand Canyon in the US, Celebes Canyon is a hidden gem of South Sulawesi. Get ready to see a blue-green waterfall with exotic rocks and cliffs’ surrounding which is a perfect picnic scenery.

Learn how to build spectacular boats and relax in bungalows on the beach! The stretch of sand at the southern tip of Sulawesi is beachgoers paradise! Its soft white sand and calm, clear water make it perfect. Bira also has a small inclination so you can go quite far into the water but still waist-deep. Visit Phinisi boat builders in Bira Cape, where the crafting of Phinisi Schooners has been handed down for countless generations.




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