Never ending story


The people of Bali call their home island “Gods’ Masterpiece” or “The Dawn of the Universe.” Dream conjuring titles such as these have rightfully so made Bali the most well-known and recognisable island from the Indonesian Archipelago with millions of tourists from all over the world visiting Bali every year; some lured by its mythical beauty and natural harmony, others seeking the ultimate in leisure or the perfect wave.

So what makes Bali island so unique? Nowhere else in the world combines picture perfect landscapes painted with every possible shade of green, spectacular rice paddies, majestic volcanoes dominating the horizon, boundless rainforests, pristine secret beaches, crystal clear water and one of the most rare and adventure-filled coral reefs in the world. Three hundred thousand temples and shrines aesthetically intertwine with the architecture of centuries past. Thousand-year-old traditions and ceremonies attended by hundreds of participants followed by colorful processions are just some of the normal every day inspiring events that occur in Bali island.

Life is different on this magical island, time moves slower here. The Balinese keep themselves busy with daily offerings and humble prayers as the island’s air is filled with traces of frangipanis and incense. Sooner or later everyone falls in love with this place and sooner or later everyone comes back.



Kintamani and Batur Volcano

Have lunch with a view on Kintamani – the biggest volcanic crater in South East Asia, created by an eruption thousands of years ago. Inside this ancient crater yet another volcano has arisen – Gunung Batur, which is still active today. You can also enjoy some sunrise trekking here.


Tirta Empul

Purify yourself and visit TirtaEmpul – a temple built with holy springs and baths flowing continuously throughout the complex. Brahmins and locals from all over the island use this water to perform ceremonies year round. The Balinese believe in the water’s curative and rejuvenating power and, as a consequence, take ritual baths here along with prayer.


Tanah Lot

See THE Sunset. Tanah Lot – a truly spectacular temple built on a piece of rock torn off the mainland and surrounded by the ocean. When the tide comes high it appears as though the temple is actually floating on the water. It’s one of the most scenic places on the ‘Island of Gods’, and can be pretty crowded during sunsets.


Pura Besakih

Visit the Mother Temple of Besakih – the biggest and the most important complex of temples in Bali. It’s located on the slope of Agung.


Monkey Forest

Visit the Temple of Hanumann – the God in the body of a monkey, surrounded by the Monkey Forrest Sanctuary, where you can meet hundreds of them.


Uluwatu Temple

Visit an XI century temple built on the top of a spectacular cliff that is, over 100 meters high. The Ulu Watu temple is dedicated to the Hindu monkey-god Hanuman, so the area is also a sanctuary for sacred monkeys which can be spotted all over the place.


Ulun Danau Beratan

Visit this temple on the lake. On the Bratan Lake you can see one of the most beautiful temples on the Island: Pura Ulun Danau Bratan.


Trunyan and Tenganan

Explore the villages that are one of the last habited places of the Bali Aga people – the original inhabitants of Bali, who up until now are still practicing intriguing rituals of animism and Hinduism.


Nusa Lembongan

Relax in paradise. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan are small coral islands just 40 minutes away from the eastern coast of Bali.



Discover yourself. It is hard to say that one’s visited Bali, if you didn’t go to Ubud. For many, Bali is just and only Ubud, and there’s nothing more important on the whole Island. It’s a small city, located in the center and it is recognised as the cultural, spiritual and artistic capital of Bali.


Gunung Kawi

Explore the valley and look for the hidden path. Gunung Kawi, home to thousand-year-old royal tombs and the remains of one of the first Buddhist monasteries in Bali. An exceptionally beautiful place situated in a ravine surrounded by green rice fields, Gunung Kawi is the perfect spot for the ideal photography session.


Kecak Dance

See the show! Every evening Ulu Watu hosts a unique performance of the Kecak dance – an intriguing ritual collaborating the ceremonial chant of several dozen men with some scenes from Ramayana – one of the oldest Hindu epics. The Kecak dance can only be seen in Bali and its origins are ancient, pre-Hindu magical rites, serving a protective purpose.


Pura Lempuyang

Climb the 1700 steps and visit this small, beautiful temple, located on the slope of the mountain.


Agung Volcano

Challenge yourself by trekking to the peak of the Agung Volcano which is the highest volcano on the island, believed to be a replica of Mt. Meru – the mythical residence of the Hindu God of Shiva.


Menjangan Island

Snorkel in the North Bali National Park and explore wonderful underwater flora and fauna.


Goa Gajah

Enter the cave of Goa Gajah – a Buddhism sanctuary from the XIV century.


Jati Luwih

Stroll around JatiLluwih – the biggest rice field terraces in Bali, which are placed in the Unesco World Heritage List.



Enjoy a sunrise trip on the sea and capture some photos of jumping dolphins in your camera lens.


Southern Beaches

Discover the hidden beaches of the Bukit Peninsula.



Do some rice field trekking in Tegalalang, where you can marvel at one of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali.