The island of flowers


Flores is Portuguese for “flowers”, and indeed this island is blooming. Stretching between Timor, Sumba, Komodo and Sulawesi, Flores offers fabulous mountain landscapes, spectacular volcanoes, vast areas of thick tropical rainforest, and fantastic views, but above all – remarkable people and their fascinating culture.

Former colonists not only provided the name for this beautiful island in Eastern Indonesia but also helped spread Christianity as well. However, don’t be misled by the number of church towers around and people declaring themselves Christians – old habits die hard! It’s quite common that a burial ceremony goes according to Christian rites in the day time while being followed by animist rituals and animal sacrifice led by shamans in the night.

Most of the people in Flores Island, both Christian and animists, believe that Heaven is located on top of Kelimutu – a volcano that is deemed holy. Kelimutu also happens to be one of Flores’ main tourist attractions, a volcano famous for three lakes on its summit, each having a different color that changes from time to time. Apart from breathtaking landscapes and fascinating culture, Flores Island offers magnificent beaches and perfect diving conditions. Despite the numerous attractions, a well-developed tourist infrastructure practically does not exist here.



Kelimutu Volcano

Climb the holy mountain of Kelimutu, which is locally believed to be the final resting place for spirits of the dead. The three colored lakes on top of Kelimutu are a geological mystery but one of the most impressive sights in Indonesia.



See some interesting rice fields formed in the shape of a spiders web that are typical of the Maggarai ethnic group.


Komodo National Park

Face the last living link to dinosaurs on Earth. Komodo Warans, famously referred to as “Komodo Dragons” are in fact the world’s largest species of monitor lizards..


Liang Bua

Enter the Liang Bua cave and look yourself for the proof of existence of Homo floresiensis – an ancient man from Flores.


Wae Rebo Village

Go on a half day’s trekking trip to see the Maggarai village- the one and only complete example in the whole of Flores.


Bena village

Stroll around one of the most beautiful traditional villages on the island.


Wogo village

Visit the traditional village of the ethnic group of Ngadha.


Riung Archipelago

Snorkel in paradise. Visit the Riung village that opens a portal to a 17 white sanded beach islands archipelago.


Boawae village

Discover the beautiful, traditional village of the ethnic group of Nageko.