Mystery Island


Sumba is undoubtedly one of the most mysteriously beautiful and least visited islands of the Nusa Tenggara Archipelago. Until recently, the lack of regular flights was the only reason why only the most determined travellers and surfers looking for the perfect wave could get here.

Stunning natural wonders like virgin jungles, magnificent atolls with turquoise waters, crystal clear rivers, and untouched beaches aside – it is the people and their fascinating culture of animistic beliefs that are Sumba’s Island biggest attraction. Authentic tribal villages where life has not changed much for hundreds of years, characteristic houses with high “upwardly curled” roofs, mysterious ceremonies, animal sacrifices, ancient megalithic burial sites thousands of years old – these are only some of the island’s treasures. Rumor has it that there are still forms of slavery that exist deep in the interior of the island and ancient blood lines of former kings are still in the game.

The bloody Pasola festival is one of the most spectacular and dramatic customs during which members of different tribes ride on horseback and fight against each other with small spears. This game can turn fatal and any blood that is spilled during the festival is considered an offering to the spirits.



Pasola Festival

See some blood sport! Witness the ancient war ritual performed by Sumbanese warriors to honor their ancestors and render a good harvest in the following year. A riotous tournament between two teams of spear-wielding, ikat-clad horsemen is one of the most extravagant and bloodiest festivals to be found in Asia.


Weikuri Salty Lake

Have a refreshing swim in the natural, crystal clear, salty lake located at the edge of the cliff.


Goa Jepang Hill

Marvel at the stunning panorama over Goa Jepang Hill in Waingapu and explore the underground tunnels.


Kodi Area Villages

Visit traditional Sumbanese villages with the highest rooftops in the area and learn about Marapu animistic beliefs.


Pau and Rende villages

Learn about ikat weaving and see the most interesting villages in East Sumba Island.


Pristine Beaches

Relax on one of the best beach resorts in Indonesia – Nihiwatu Resort Sumba Island.