Never ending story


This harsh and mountainous Island, located between Lombok and Flores, belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands Archipelago. Its multiform coastal and coral reef shape makes Sumbawa a perfect surfing spot, by many considered to be the best in the world.

Besides surfing camps, Sumbawa Island can offer astonishing views, fascinating culture and the possibility to observe local people within their everyday life, in villages that have been unchanged by time. If you seek an authentic and remote destination, where adventure awaits you behind every corner – Sumbawa Island will be perfect for you!


sumbawa island best attractions tambora volcano

Tambora Volcano

Explore the unbeaten mountain paths; see breathtaking views with sunrises and sunsets above the mountains. Are you ready for a new adventure?

sumbawa island best attractions sumbawa besar

Sumbawa Besar

Travel into the past and visit the sultan’s wooden palace, built in the XIX century. Stop in time and capture the unique moments with some pictures.

Moyo Island

Moyo Island

Visit this small, volcanic island in the northern part of Sumbawa Besar. It is a great place for snorkeling, swimming and diving.


Wera Island

See how locals build their traditional “phinisi” boats with technology that hasn’t changed for generations.


Satonda Island

Visit a coral island that is hidden in the shadow of the mighty Tambora volcano. A massive tsunami caused by the eruption of Tambora filled up the inner crater of the island with ocean water which has remained there until now. You will get to see the lake during a beautiful walk around the caldera – the locals believe that the island is magical and has the ability to make people’s wishes come true – so be careful what you wish for!


Pulau Bedil

Go local! PulauBedil is a little Robinson Crusoe island, located on the North West coast of Sumbawa. It’s also a weekend getaway for local families.